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the taste of betterTM

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Harvest more, waste less, taste better

Our plants grow in a safe, clean, controlled atmosphere, in water, without soil, using just the right mix of nutrients and light. This allows us to increase crop yield and nutritional value with less waste, using fewer natural resources. The result is outstanding, all-natural disease-free produce without the use of pesticides. Truly, the taste of better.

  • Know where your food is grown

    Nearly all produce sold in stores is imported. Ours is grown locally in our communities.

  • Close proximity to the market

    Greens arrive fresher than imports harvested thousands of miles away.

  • No pesticides, chemicals, or GMO’s

    Our plants grow in a closed grow room with a controlled atmosphere & are disease free.

  • Protection from climate change

    Indoor farms produce high volume using less resources & with very little waste.

  • Sustainable agriculture

    Healthy food for a growing planet without compromising the environment.

  • Next generation growing technologies

    We use exactly the same photons as the sun, optimized for the plants.

  • Ideal conditions and optimal light

    Advanced LED grow lights & ideal growing conditions allow us to produce all year round.

  • Water recycling

    We use 90% less water than field grown produce.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging

    good natured® 99% plant-based packaging containing no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern.


We are proud to be sustainable

  • We meet 13 of 17 of UN’s sustainability goals

    In addition to having a positive social impact on the community, Your Local Greens City Farms meet at least one associated sub-target in 13 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

  • Contributions to Achieving Food Security
  • Improved Nutrition
  • Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable Management of Water
  • Promotion of Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth
  • Making Cities and Human Settlements Sustainable
  • Full and Productive Employment
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Ensuring Sustainable Consumption
  • Ensuring Sustainable Production Patterns
  • Combating Climate Change
  • Striving to Create a Zero-Carbon Footprint
  • Sustainable Management of Energy

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"Philips Lighting is pleased to work with YLG Partners and Your Local Greens city farm. The experienced Your Local Greens city farm team, combined with the latest in Philips LED lighting technology and the indoor farming expertise offered by Philips Lighting, make for a winning combination in growing all-natural, healthy food in a sustainable manner."

Blake Lange
Business Development Manager, City Farming
Philips Lighting